About Us

Global Mortgage was created from a simple idea; to provide financing for foreigners in Mexico.

In 2016, Global Mortgage’s CEO, Matt Hainline took a trip to visit a friend in Cabo San Lucas. He had visited Mexico over the years and was struck by the changes in Cabo since his last visit several years earlier. Out of curiosity, he started asking about buying property and quickly learned that there were no institutional sources of lending for foreigners in Mexico.

After much research, he learned that before the financial crisis of 2008, several U.S. banks were in the marketplace, but due to the way the loans were structured, these banks had lost a great deal of money in Mexico. Using this knowledge, he created a way to alleviate the previous risks in the market and went about creating Global Mortgage.

His first idea was to engage U.S. banks using his new structure, but no bank was interested in re-entering the market. Matt then changed his approach, to create a cross border Mexican lending institution to provide financing to foreigners.

What he envisioned would take four months ended up taking 18 months to create and many more resources than he imagined. The financial crisis in 2008 combined with the laws created as a result of Mexico’s membership into the International Monetary Fund had made it much more difficult to create a financial institution in Mexico. As Matt learned more about the process of creating the lending entity, the laws of Mexico, combined with laws and lending practices in the U.S. meant the restructuring of the original premise of the business, and the timeline grew.

His newfound knowledge was exciting, but it was also frustrating. Everywhere he turned there was another delay, but each turn also brought about ways to make the foundation of the company stronger and more robust. The result of this journey is Global Mortgage as it is today; a lending institution operating with the highest levels of compliance and underwriting, state of the art technology and a highly specialized staff of professionals with a long history in all aspects of the mortgage business. Their focus: to fulfill the original, simple idea; to provide financing for foreigners in Mexico.

Team Global

Global Mortgage has assembled the best talent in the industry to staff its global headquarters in San Jose Del Cabo, B.C.S., Mexico.  Our staff has extensive industry experience leading the way for loan products, escrow and settlement processes unsurpassed in the current market.

Global has developed a sophisticated, proprietary Loan Origination System designed specifically for use throughout Mexico.

Global currently employs 10 full-time employees in Baja, Mexico who provide unparalleled customer service to borrowers, specializing in dedicated, one on one interaction to help the borrower through the loan process; from pre-approval to closing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most customer-centric, cross border financing to foreigners purchasing real estate in Mexico.