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Global Mortgage was started in late 2016 to fill the overwhelming need for financing on Mexico real estate for U.S. citizens.

The company put in a great deal of time to research the marketplace and understand what was necessary to fulfill the needs of borrowers as well as create a product that complied with Mexican law and was salable in the secondary markets in the U.S.A.

The result is a product that not only enables U.S. citizens to finance real estate through an institutional lender but the ability to acquire cash-out refinancing for their existing Mexico property as well.

Global Mortgage’s primary goal is to simplify the process of obtaining a mortgage loan for properties located in Mexico, while providing quality end-to-end first-class service. With decades of experience in the mortgage industry, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you navigate your international purchase experience.

Built on the cornerstones of transparency, trust, and attention to detail, Global Mortgage has become a one-stop shop for everything you may need to obtain a mortgage loan in Mexico. From the moment a client pre-qualifies until the moment they receive their keys, Global Mortgage is there to offer both loan origination and legal services.

With the belief that buying in another country doesn’t mean being left in the dark, Global Mortgage has implemented an instant notification system that keeps you updated on your loan processing no matter where you are. In addition to our enhanced notification system, our home loan advisors are always easily within contact and will personally notify you of any changes as you progress through your loan process.

At Global Mortgage we understand the importance of your home purchase in Mexico. We are here to help you bring that dream to life.

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Global Mortgage has assembled the best talent in the industry to staff its global headquarters in San Jose Del Cabo, B.C.S., Mexico.  Our staff has extensive industry experience leading the way for loan products, escrow and settlement processes unsurpassed in the current market.

Global currently employs 10 full-time employees in Baja, Mexico who provide unparalleled customer service to borrowers, specializing in dedicated, one-on-one interaction to help the borrower through the loan process, from pre-approval to closing.

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We specialize in fixed-rate loans for U.S. Citizens purchasing property in Mexico

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