About Global Mortgage

Founded in 2017, on the principal of transparent lending, Global Mortgage offers a secure cross-border financing solution to United States citizens seeking to securely own or refinance property in Mexico. Our company is backed by billions of dollars in capital and is a regulated and audited financial institution in Mexico. Our staff has a combined 200+ years of international lending experience on both sides of the border and always has our clients’ best interest at hand.

Every mortgage written by our company, no matter the loan program, is fully amortized, has a fixed rate, no pre-payment penalty, no balloon payment, and no hidden fees. Global Mortgage employs several full-time attorneys to ensure our work is flawless. We take our commitment to client success seriously; after all, there are no compromises when it concerns quality. reliability, and reputation


We specialize in fixed-rate loans for U.S. Citizens purchasing property in Mexico

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