Loan Processing

At Global Mortgage, we have designed a specialized system to ensure the ideal experience for all of our buyers. Global features unparalleled customer service representatives and intuitive apps and tools to create a process that is unmatched within the loan market. Global Mortgage has worked tirelessly to guarantee that every detail of the mortgage process is handled with the utmost professionalism and care.

There are four steps to the Global Mortgage loan process:

Pre-Qualification/Pre-Approval is a necessary step in the loan process, however, with our advanced PAM app technology submitting your application is easier than ever. Not feeling tech savvy today? You can also fill out, sign and mail, fax, or email our short pre-qualification form to your highly qualified Global Mortgage Loan Officer.

Once your pre-qualification form has been reviewed, and a credit report has been obtained, we can determine your qualification status based on your credit score verification and the information provided on your short pre-qualification form. You will receive prompt notification from a Global Mortgage CSR (Customer Service Representative) that will provide you with a confidential pre-Approval letter. If you do not initially qualify, we will contact you for any additional information that may be needed as well as guidance on how to advance towards your pre-approval letter.

Once you have received your pre-approval letter, your personal Global Mortgage Loan CSR will kick off the process by providing you with a Loan Origination Package. This Package will provide you with all of the information and instructions you’ll need along with easy-to-use documents and forms that will be used throughout the Loan Process. The Loan Origination Package is a vital and mandatory part of providing all buyers with a binding loan commitment.

Your personal Global Mortgage CSR will also be available at any time to answer questions you may have pertaining to the Loan Origination Package. After your Loan Origination package is completed, your personal CSR will also be available to assist you throughout the next phase of your loan in Global Mortage’s processing department.

Once we have received your completed Loan Origination Package, your package will be immediately delivered to our in-house Processing Department, where it will be thoroughly reviewed within three business days from the day it was received. Your loan file will be carefully reviewed to determine any additional requests or conditions that may need to be met, at which point our Processing Department will notify both you and your personal CSR with any requests for pending information. If no information is needed, your Mexico mortgage loan will be fully processed and submitted to the appropriate lender partner for Mexico mortgage underwriting. While our Processing Department is usually able to identify any conditions or additional information needed to underwrite your file, there are occasional situations where this is not possible, and our lender partner will request conditions or additional information. If this occurs, our Processing Department will notify you and your personal CSR with a request for conditions and/or additional information. If no conditions or additional information is requested by our lender partner, a binding loan commitment and loan closing package will be sent to you by Global Mortgage’s Closing Department. As part of our efforts to provide quality service within minimal time, our average turnaround time for loan submission is 10 business days, but does vary by lender, Mexico mortgage loan program and specific file.

As soon as your loan is successfully underwritten, you will receive a loan commitment letter as well as a Closing Process Introduction Letter from our Closing Department. The Closing Process Introduction Letter is your introduction to Global Mortgage’s Closing Department Team, and also serves as a resource that outlines the complete closing process. From this point forward, Global Mortgage will assign an agent partner to your loan. Please keep in mind that during the final portion of the process Global Mortgage is already working to approve your property for closing.